Keyboard Lesson One  Keyboard orientation

Lesson Objectives

  • To familiarise ourselves with the layout of the keyboard and be able to play and identify a number of notes on the keyboard.
  • Introduce the musical stave and begin to be able to recognise different notes and their positions on the stave.
  • Introduce the concept of rhythm using whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.
  • Introduce and be able to play simple chords of A and G known as triads.
  • Introduce common time.

Keyboard orientation - The TV Show

The TV show of this lesson provides an entertaining approach to lesson one as well as a step by step guide as to how you can work through your lessons and exercises. The lessons are presented by your course tutor and hosted by our wonderful host Natalie Barass.

Remember, you can choose how you study - you can watch and enjoy the whole TV show now, or return and watch chunks whenever you want. There are 11 TV shows for each instrument supporting the lessons up to grade three. You can view them directly through the lesson index page as well as in lesson.

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